Servicios profesionales de interpretación

Traducción simultánea

La traducción simultánea es una de las traducciones más difíciles dentro de los tipos de traducción e interpretación. Por esa razón requiere de la más alta cualificación de profesionales.El interprete realiza la traducción en tiempo real durante el discurso Leer más

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is also called the follow-up interpreting. In consecutive interpreting translation, the translator begins only when the speaker has finished his speech. Read More

Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpretation is similar to consecutive interpreting. The main difference is that the length of the communication is much shorter than in consecutive interpreting. Read More

160 High Skilled Interpreters Based in Ireland

More than 160 of our highly skilled interpreters live in Ireland and speak up to 60 different languages. This is why TRANSLIT offers Interpreting for any kind of event anywhere in Ireland. TRANSLIT provides professional interpreting services in numerous languages, including Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Pashto. TRANSLIT has interpreters all over Ireland. Interpreting is a helpful tool in everyday life of both individuals and multinational companies. Are you entering the European or world markets and willing to present as a modern and professional company? Using our services is the key to ensure success.

Types of interpreting


The Interpreter listens to the source-language speaker. After a sentence or a part of the speech, he reproduces it in the target language of the audience


The interpreter renders the message in the target language as quickly as he can formulate it. Moreover, this is done while the source-language speaker continuously speaks.


Phone Interpreting , Tour Guide Interpreting , Court Interpreting


Interpreting sentence after sentence. Unlike consecutive interpreting, the speaker gives a short speech or stops after a few sentences. This way, it gives the interpreter the time to translate.

Civil Registration

Interpreting during marriage ceremonies


Interpreting during meetings, consultations, staff training and presentations

Services of our company will ensure a success

If you are an individual and need help delivering your message, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you communicate with public institutions, employer, solicitor or even while going to the doctor or hospital. Interpreting and interpretation is the art of translating conversation in real time. As outlined above, there are many types of interpretation and different services you can choose among. Whether you are hiring a multilingual team of employees. You have to ensure that your communication with them will be clear and fully understandable.

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