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Learn a Language: 10 Tips to Make it Easier!

Learning a new language can be very hard. Words, grammar rules, sounds that are very different from your native language can be a real challenge for you to learn and use correctly.  It means doing a huge effort and a lot of work! If you are trying to learn English, or any other foreign language, […]

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Travelling with Rare Languages

In the era of the mega communication on internet where more than 50% of the contents are displayed  in English and knowing 2 or 3 languages is enough to communicate all around the world, it seems legit to wonder if it’s really worth the trouble nowadays to preserve the existence of a language if the […]

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Subtitling VS Dubbing – What Is The Best Option?

Nowadays, thanks to the technology’s improvements, we have access to movies from basically any part of the world. As people usually speak 1 to 3 languages aside from their mother tongue, it has quickly become a real need for the cinema industry to make movies available for foreign people in order to increase their popularity […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office an Enjoyable Place

An office can be seen and perceived in many different ways, from a cosy place for some people to a real dark dragon’s den for others, depending on how it looks like and of course on the people who work in it. However, one factor that everyone would confirm, from the manager of the company […]

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Why paying for a translation when you can do it online for free?

  The aim of this article is to try to figure out why people should choose to go to a Translation company, or to a translator in general, to get a translation of a text. Nowadays, we find ourselves in the era of Google and by searching in internet we can find tools and websites […]

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9 Facts You Did Not Know About The Little Prince

Reminder of the story The Little Prince is a poetic tale of loneliness, friendship, love and loss, written in the form of a children’s book and enhanced by watercolour illustrations of the author. The protagonist is a young alien prince with golden hair, a long scarf and a lovable laugh. He comes from a tiny […]

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6 Good Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

Work placements are a great way for students to get more  professional during their studies and increase their employability thereafter. Often located at key times of your studies, they allow you to understand the world of business, and usually to learn more about the industries you are interested in. Now there is a question that […]

human vs computer translation
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Human VS Computer Translation

While awaiting the Artificial Intelligence that will help us, replace us and rule the world, translators had to find other tools to be more efficient. A Bit of Explanation A CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) is a software or a website that helps translators in their jobs. Easy, right? You are probably telling yourself “I’m not […]

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6 Fun Facts About Comics Translation: The Great Pumpkin

If comics were considered only as a genre for children or young adults in the past, their group of readers has been expanding over the last years and the genre has become something more than mere children entertainment. This is why we are going to talk to you about some fun facts in comics translation […]

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5 Misconceptions About Freelance Translation

Just to introduce Working from everywhere, except your office is something tempting right? You could be working from home while carrying out your duties as mother or father or be working from a cafe or any other place with an Internet access. All of this is possible nowadays by signing in all kind of websites […]

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