Intercultural communication and Edward T. Hall approach to it

This article focuses on intercultural communication. It uses the theory of  Edward T. Hall who examines anthropological view of culture including communication. Edward T. Hall was an anthropologist who made early discoveries of key cultural factors. In particular, he discovered and examined high and low context cultural factors, moreover. In a high-context culture, there are […]


How to order food in a foreign country

  Writing an article can never be so much fun as if you are writing about topic you like and come on, who does not like food? Hope you enjoy reading this as much as you would enjoy eating! But be prepared, your taste buds will be challenged while reading!   Introduction Food Food! What […]

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Top 10 of the Best Free Apps to Learn a New Language

Nowadays over billions of people have turned to technology to help themselves learning few words in other languages. If you are keen on languages and you want just to know some tricks or basic things there is a huge range of apps that provide you with the best and easy way to learn them. Now, […]

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Tips For Books To Read When You Want To Learn Foreign Language

Languages are fun. Trust me. Yes, the idea of learning may seem terrible for you. You imagine books of 500 pages with no interesting points in them, no pictures, just long boring paragraphs one after another…and another. Don’t worry, this article will not last that long. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can […]

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What the Heck is Speakear Spanglish?

Introducing Spanglish Due to the migration of Spanish speakers to the United States of America, the latter became the country with the biggest Spanish speakers community just after Mexico (even more than Spain itself!). As communities from Central America, South America and Spain populated the USA during these last decades, Spanish became the second most […]

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Your Parents Were Wrong, Video Games Can Make You Learn!

Video Games are not what your really think…  This is for sure a controversial topic but I’m going to risk it. Some parents reading this are starting to say something like “what? Is he serious? Video Games are bad for children, you can just learn bad words!”. Well, sorry but… WRONG. Of course, I’m not […]

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Will You Succeed to Read This Poem Out Loud?

This poem is unique and very difficult to read for non-English speakers. Many people cannot read this poem out loud. Will you? Just to warn you, after trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard labour rather than read six lines aloud! If you can pronounce correctly every word in this […]

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What Is Your Ideal Artificial Language?

A short Reminder Artificial languages are languages whose phonology, grammar and vocabulary have been entirely created by an individual or a group of people instead of having naturally evolved over time in a civilisation. But why would people invent a new language? Will you ask. There are more reasons than we expect and they primarily […]

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The “Hows” of Globalization

Introduction “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”. This definition from the Oxford Dictionary only underlines the emerged part of the iceberg. In fact, we can see that life became easier with globalization – not only for businesses but for individuals too – thanks […]

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A Few Facts About the Mystery of Child Language Acquisition

The children’s development of language is an crazy phenomenon that takes place at different ages and speeds and which is amazing to observe. Some people tend to think that language and communication are abilities that are normally developed several months after the birth of a child. In reality however, children are already able to hear […]

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