The Downturn of Manx

Manx or Manx Gaelic (Gaelg/Gailck) belongs to Goidelic branch of the Insular Celtic languages. It emerged from the Old Irish (Gaelic) which was brought to the Isle of Man, an island located in north of the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, during the fourth and fifth centuries AD, by Irish people who moved there. […]


News for Translit!

Translit is renewing! In order to do our job better and be more committed to the personal needs of our clients, we decided to split our business by creating RegisterCompany.ie. If you require the registration of your brand-new company, do not hesitate to contact our experts of RegisterCompany.ie. But this is not enough: keep in […]


‘Ida’ – a breakthrough in Polish cinematography

This year’s Oscars turned out to be a great success for Polish cinematography. Polish film-makers have very rarely been appreciated by the Oscar Academy as usually the awards were won by directors or actors of Polish origin but working abroad. 87th Oscars changed the record forever as the Oscar for the best foreign language film […]


Il viaggio: dove e perche lo state facendo

Come a tante altre persone, amo viaggiare: mi piace perdermi in strade nuove, scrutare con attenzione edifici tanto quanto ascoltare il suono di quella musica esotica che solo una lingua sconosciuta puo produrre. In quei momenti, so che sto avendo una buona giornata, perche sto vivendo tutta una nuova avventura. Al momento, sto facendo uno […]


Atmosfera d’ufficio: come renderla migliore

Un ufficio e, a seconda di come ci si organizza e da chi ci lavora, molto disordinato o esattamente il contrario. In qualsiasi caso, un fattore che tutti possono confermare, dagli amministratori alla donna delle pulizie, e che un bell


Esperimento sociale – Scioglilingua

Ogni tanto qua a TRANSLIT ci piace divertirci un po


Esperanto: la Lingua Internazionale

Esperanto: la Lingua Internazionale Quanti di voi hanno sentito parlare dell


Italian Linguistic Minorities

It is commonly known that the national language of Italy is Italian but maybe one does not know that it is not the only one. In this article, we do not want to talk about the various dialects that distinguish every state but about the minority languages spoken inside the Italian country and recognized by […]


The Jura Mountains, a Cross-Country Wonderland

Imagine all the cross-country ski trails in New England crammed into an area slightly smaller than New Hampshire. Now, raise the base elevation to a plateau of 3,500 feet. Then bulldoze a 10-foot-wide, perfectly groomed boulevard of a cross-country ski trail from Concord to Berlin, and you’ve got something on par with the Nordic haven […]


Analysing The Aristocats Characters’ Names

  When audio-visual documents, such as films, series, documentaries or animated cartoons, have to be adapted to reach countries that are linguistically and culturally different from the original one, translation plays an important role in the spreading and in the success of the documents. However, audio-visual translation is not so easy as people may think: […]


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